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**Title: How bValue Utilizes the Google Calendar API for Seamlessly Booking Desks**


In this video, we will explore how bValue leverages the power of the Google Calendar API to enhance the desk booking experience. We will walk you through the process of integrating the API into our platform, from signing in with Google to authorizing calendar access.

First, we’ll demonstrate the Google sign-in button used to initiate the OAuth API integration. The video will showcase the URL bar, displaying the OAuth Client ID and project number for the app (excluding native Android, iOS, and desktop installed apps).

Next, we will showcase the OAuth Consent Screens. To ensure clarity, we will toggle the language setting to English. It’s important to note the bottom-left corner of the consent screen for optimal user experience.

We will delve into the various scopes utilized by our app and illustrate how they enhance the user interface. Through live demonstrations, we will show user actions and the corresponding results within our app and the user’s Google account. For instance, we’ll exhibit a successful file import from our app to the user’s Google Drive, showcasing its seamless integration.

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To showcase how our platform integrates with Google Calendar, we will guide you through the desk booking process. From our desk booking module, users can easily browse and book available desks directly from the calendar interface.

Once a user selects a desk of interest, they can make a booking directly on the bValue calendar. Our aim is to synchronize these bookings with the user’s Google Calendar. When an event is saved on the bValue calendar, we want it to automatically populate in the user’s Google Calendar as well. This eliminates the need for users to manually check both platforms for event updates.

Our goal is to create a seamless and user-friendly experience, and we greatly appreciate your support and feedback in achieving this. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

*For more information on the Google Calendar API, you can refer to the official documentation provided by Google Calendar API[1].*


[1]: [Google Calendar API Documentation](

How bValue intend to use the google Calendar API

The Google sign-in button(s) and/or the button(s) used to launch the OAuth API integration.
The URL bar clearly showing the OAuth Client ID for the app and the project number. (This is not required for native Android, iOS, and desktop installed apps.)
The OAuth Consent Screen(s) (Please ensure the language setting on the bottom-left corner of the consent screen is toggled to “English.”)
How the following scope(s) are used by your app. Please show the user action and results in the app UI and—where relevant—in the source Google account (e.g., if you save a file from the app to Google Drive, also show the file successfully imported into the user’s Drive account).

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