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## LFD: Monetizing Ad Impressions for Web Publishers

Welcome to LFD! Founded in 2012 by Nicolas Vincent and myself, our company specializes in helping web publishers effectively monetize their impressions. In this video, we’ll discuss how LFD’s innovative technology allows us to accurately price every single ad impression sold on a publisher’s inventory.

### What Sets LFD Apart

Unlike traditional methods where each ad is individually auctioned for, LFD has developed a cutting-edge algorithm that can price every single ad impression in a split second. Imagine a user visiting a website and being greeted with multiple ad banners – LFD’s technology ensures each of these ads is priced accurately and efficiently.

### Overwhelming Success and Growth

Since our inception, LFD has experienced tremendous traction from both clients and prospects. Recognizing the booming market, we knew we needed additional resources to meet the demand. In 2013, we sought out investors and secured an impressive 1.5 million euro round, led by Cad Deceive. This funding allowed us to expand our team, open an office in New York, and forge key partnerships and contracts with publishers and platforms.

### Partnership with AOL

In 2015, conversations began with AOL regarding a partnership opportunity for integrating LFD’s technology into their ad impression marketplace. However, as discussions progressed, both parties realized that a deeper integration was required. Ultimately, in January 2016, LFD was acquired by IF, the VC fund that initially identified our potential and supported us from the beginning.

### The Guidance of IF

Throughout the history of LFD, IF has played a crucial role in guiding our strategic decisions. While they may not delve into day-to-day operations, they have provided valuable support in areas such as marketing and hiring, helping us bridge any gaps we encountered. Their expertise has been instrumental in the growth and success of our company.

Check out this video to learn more about LFD and how we’re revolutionizing the monetization of ad impressions for web publishers!

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Oct 2016

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