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## **Electronic Health Record Modernization Deep Dive: Pharmacy**
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Welcome to the deep dive discussion on the pharmacy aspect of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) modernization project. In this video, we will explore the challenges, concerns, and progress of the EHR system, specifically in the pharmacy domain.

### **Key Points**
– The pharmacy component of the EHR system plays a crucial role in veterans’ health and well-being. However, it has been beset with numerous errors and dangers.
– VA pharmacists have been voicing their concerns about the system’s functionality and safety. They have reported a constant state of hyper-vigilance due to their lack of trust in the EHR system.
– At medical centers using the Oracle Cerner EHR system, patient safety incidents related to pharmacy have increased by over 300% since its implementation. This has led to significant financial deficits and additional staffing costs.
– The VA pharmacists have been diligent in documenting the flaws of the EHR system, leading to updates and improvements. However, these updates have been incremental and have not resolved all the issues.
– The current trajectory of the EHR system and its pharmacy updates will be discussed by expert witnesses in this video.

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