Nawaz Sharif Sets New Terms for Establishing | Asad Ullah Khan

**Title:** Current Political Situation of Pakistan: Nawaz Sharif’s Conditions for Establishment Discussed by Asad Ullah Khan


In this insightful video, renowned political analyst Asad Ullah Khan delves into the current political situation of Pakistan, shedding light on the conditions set by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for the establishment. Asad Ullah Khan’s latest video provides a comprehensive analysis of the ongoing political landscape in Pakistan with a focus on the implications of these conditions.

**Key Points of Discussion:**

– **Nawaz Sharif’s Conditions for Establishment:** Asad Ullah Khan meticulously examines the conditions put forth by Nawaz Sharif, shedding light on their potential impact on the political landscape of Pakistan. Stay informed about the latest developments and understand their relevance in today’s political scenario.

– **Imran Khan’s Perspective:** Explore the stance of Prime Minister Imran Khan and his party, PTI, regarding the conditions set by Nawaz Sharif. Asad Ullah Khan provides critical insights into the potential challenges and opportunities that arise from Imran Khan’s response.

– **Elections 2023:** Gain valuable insights into the implications of these conditions on the upcoming elections in 2023. Asad Ullah Khan analyzes the possible consequences for political parties, the electorate, and the overall democratic process.

– **Shah Ge Gull Afridi:** Discover the significance of Shah Ge Gull Afridi’s role in the current political scenario. Inspired by her relentless pursuit of justice, Asad Ullah Khan discusses how Afridi’s activism has contributed to the evolving dynamics of Pakistan’s political landscape.

If you’re interested in the current political affairs of Pakistan and want to stay updated on the latest developments, this video by Asad Ullah Khan is a must-watch. Gain valuable insights into the ongoing political tussle, the potential impact on the future of Pakistan, and the perspectives of key political players.

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  1. How easy for him to say “ Jin Ko elections main utarna hai woh utar lain gay” he doesn’t feel shame on glorifying illegitimate, illegal actions of military establishment.
    This asshole journalist is going to become Sohail Warraich, Shami, Qasmi and Salem lifaffi in future. Bezamir, beghairat

  2. #ReleaseJournalistImranRiazKhan.
    Pakistan is the worst country than North Korea or Somalia. Pakistan has No democracy, no rule of law, no Justice, no fundamental rights, no supreme court for common people. Army chief and chief justice of Pakistan made Pakistan a banana republic. Pakistani people is by borne slave of pak army generals. Imran Khan is trying to free Pakistanis from 75 years of slavery.

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