Missed Deadline: Hollywood Actors and Studios Fail to Reach Deal

**Hollywood Actors Face Uncertain Future as Deadline for Deal With Studios Passes**
**The Deadline for Actors to Reach a Deal**
A deadline for Hollywood actors to reach a deal with studios and streaming services passed on Thursday without any announcement of a strike. The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists had set a deadline for a deal to be reached. However, no update had been announced just after midnight on Thursday.

**Possible Strike and Actions by Actors**
If the actors choose to strike, they will join screenwriters on picket lines outside studios and filming locations in an effort to negotiate better terms with studios and streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon. This would mark the first time since 1960 that the two guilds are on strike simultaneously. Solidarity has been shown between actors and writers, with actors such as SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher joining writers on picket lines. An actors’ strike would prevent performers from working on sets or promoting their projects.

**Current Writers Strike**
Members of the Writers Guild of America have been on strike since May, causing disruptions to film and television production on both coasts and in production centers like Atlanta. Unresolved issues include the unregulated use of artificial intelligence and its impact on residual pay in the streaming ecosystem that has emerged in recent years.

**The Impact on the Industry**
The looming strike has cast a shadow over the upcoming 75th Emmys. Nominations were announced on Wednesday, and the strike was on the mind of many nominees. The use of streaming platforms has changed the landscape of the industry, and many argue that contracts have not kept up with these changes, leading to calls for fairer pay.

**The Concern of Actors**
At a photo event on Wednesday, actor Matt Damon expressed hope that a strike could be avoided but acknowledged that many actors depend on a fair contract to survive. Damon emphasized the need to protect those actors who are on the margins and rely on residual payments for their health insurance. He stated that if residual payments dry up, so does their healthcare, which is unacceptable.

**Implications for the Film Industry**
The outcome of the strike could affect high-profile events in the film industry. For example, the attendance of the cast of Christopher Nolan’s film “Oppenheimer” at the London premiere on Thursday hangs in the balance depending on whether the actors decide to strike.

The deadline for Hollywood actors to reach a deal with studios and streaming services has passed with no announcement of a strike. Nevertheless, the possibility of a strike remains, with actors potentially joining screenwriters on picket lines. Issues such as the use of artificial intelligence and residual pay in the streaming era continue to be points of contention. The industry anxiously awaits a resolution as the impact of a strike would have wide-reaching implications for actors, productions, and events like the 75th Emmys.

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