Maison Meeting: A Co-working Space Just Like Home

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Discover the magnificent Maison Meeting, a charming coworking space in Villeneuve d’Ascq, just a stone’s throw away from Lille. This beautifully restored historic house offers a wide range of activities and has already caught the attention of major regional companies.

In this exclusive interview, our journalist Clément Leveau sits down with Joséphine Raudrant, the manager of Maison Meeting. Learn about the unique features and services this coworking space has to offer, from accommodating small to large groups of up to thirty or more people, to the option of privatizing the entire house for your company’s needs.

Maison Meeting collaborates with various partners to organize a variety of events such as breakfast meetings, team-building activities, seminars, and even photo shoots. The 19th-century architecture and preserved charm of this historic building provide a unique backdrop for a diverse range of businesses and clientele.

With a fully-equipped kitchen, a lovely terrace perfect for summertime gatherings, and a spacious dining area that can easily accommodate up to forty people, Maison Meeting goes above and beyond to create a comfortable and inviting environment for its guests.

Experience the convenience of working alongside renowned companies like Bonduelle, Decathlon, Co Fidis, and Leroy Merlin, who have chosen Maison Meeting as their preferred coworking space.

Don’t miss out on this hidden gem in the heart of Villeneuve d’Ascq. Book your visit to Maison Meeting now and discover why it is the preferred choice for businesses in the region.

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*Transcript source: [original video](source-link)*

Non loin de Lille, à Villeneuve d’Ascq se trouve Maison Meeting. Cette maison ancienne a été réhabilitée pour devenir un espace de coworking proposant de nombreuses activités. De grands groupes régionaux ont déjà montré leur intérêt pour ce lieu.

Notre journaliste Clément Leveau a pu rencontrer Joséphine Raudrant, manager de Maison Meeting.

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