Launch of the European Edtech Funding Report 2023 by Brighteye

# Analyzing Edtech Investments in 2022 – Brighteye VC Report

Welcome to the launch of the Brighteye VC Tech Funding Report for 2023. As the most active fund in European edtech, we are delighted to share our insights and predictions with the community. Rhys, head of researcher at Brighteye and an edtech expert, will run through the top lines from the report before handing over to tech funding news founder Akanksha Dimri to chair a fantastic panel of entrepreneurs and experts, including Brightside partner Alex Atlas.

## Edtech Investment Landscape in 2022

In 2022, the global edtech ecosystem saw a strong start, with significant funding in Europe. However, funding dropped quite drastically in the second half of the year due to pandemic-related spending cuts and rising costs. Despite this, the number of deals remained roughly constant from 2021 to 2022, indicating sustained appetite among investors to invest in edtech.

## Resilience Across Regions

Europe showed some signs of resilience compared to other regions, with a fall of only 28% compared to a fall of 64% in the US, 89% in China, 46% in India, and 32% in the rest of the world. This trend bodes well for European edtech and startups in regions with less previous activity, such as the rest of the world.

## Trends in Funding

Edtech remains a nascent sector with lots of new activity, and few companies have truly reached maturity, making early-stage investments more attractive. The portion of funding raised in larger deals categorized as over $40 million decreased to 44% from a peak of 67% in 2020. This reflects the type of deals done in 2022, with average deal sizes reducing and more deals in the early stages. The growth stage investments were slowing, and many of the funds typically investing in the latest stages repositioned towards earlier-stage investments.

## Angel Investments

Angel activity in European edtech has risen sharply since 2020, with Europe and the rest of the world category seeing an increase in angel involvement in 2022 compared to 2021. This trend is likely to continue regardless of the broader macro circumstances.

Check out the full report on our website and learn more about our work, including supporting companies internationalize and reach their second, third, fourth market and beyond, on our website. You can also explore some of that work’s bits, which are public on our website or via searching up our Tech startup Festival, which is free and open to the community.

Stay updated on the latest edtech investments with Brighteye VC – the leading European edtech fund.


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At Brighteye it has become a tradition to kick the New Year off with the publication of our look at the Edtech investment landscape in the year gone, as well as offering a few predictions for the one just started.

At the digital launch event we shared a short presentation of key findings from the report, before inviting industry experts to share different perspectives in a panel conversation. Catch all the action here!

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