JSE HY Profits Soar by 10% Amid Challenging Economic Environment

**Title: JSE Reports Strong Financial Performance Amid Economic Challenges**

**Solid Financials Despite Strained Economy**

In a recent announcement, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) reported a 10% increase in profit for the first half of the year, despite the economic challenges it faced. The CEO of the JSE, Leila Fourie, highlighted the positive financial results and expressed satisfaction with the quality of earnings.

**Diversification Leads to Revenue Growth**

Despite a 6% contraction in the equity market, the JSE managed to achieve a revenue growth of 5%, thanks to its diversified new business strategies. Fourie emphasized the intentional growth of revenue diversification, which has contributed to the sustained financial performance.

**Delistings and Market Depth**

The JSE, known for attracting new companies to list on its platform, has experienced a wave of delistings in recent times. However, Fourie clarified that most delistings were a result of consolidation or takeouts, with many of the companies still remaining on the JSE as part of larger groups. The growth in the market cap by 11% indicates a higher value to trade compared to the previous year. Furthermore, prominent examples such as BHP Billiton’s share consolidation underscore the liquidity and depth of the South African market.

**Uncertainty and Listings**

Companies considering listing on the JSE are currently cautious due to macroeconomic and political uncertainty. However, shorter response cycles and quicker shifts in investment decisions have become apparent. Factors such as inflation and recessionary fears in the US, as well as political uncertainty in the UK and EU, significantly impact emerging-market investor appetite flows into South Africa. Additionally, local elections and power management further contribute to the need for certainty and confidence in raising capital.

**Focus on New Business Lines at JSE**

The JSE has demonstrated double-digit growth in its information services business, particularly its JSE Investor Services and private placement platforms. Fourie acknowledged the success of these platforms, which have attracted 29 companies seeking capital and increased investor capital committed from R12 billion to R18 billion. The JSE has also introduced innovative solutions, including a unique market-trading data tool, with the aim of providing traders valuable information for trading strategies. Additionally, the JSE is exploring a carbon market and renewable energy certificates, looking to expand these solutions across Africa.

**Building a Carbon Market in Africa**

The JSE’s vision includes collaborating with other African countries to create a carbon market. This market would allow African nations to monetize their carbon sinks and participate in the global pricing of carbon. By working together, Africa can offer a powerful solution to the rest of the world. Several countries, including Zimbabwe and Zambia, are already considering similar initiatives.

With its strong financial performance and commitment to innovation, the JSE continues to navigate challenging economic conditions while capitalizing on new business opportunities.

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