Introducing “Women at WERK”: A Thriving Coworking Community and Studio

# **Empowering Creativity and Entrepreneurship: Women at Work with Stephanie Jones**

Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Women at Work, a powerhouse in networking and empowerment. In this video, we meet Stephanie Jones, the owner of Women at Work, who is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive space for empowering creativity and entrepreneurship.

Stephanie shares her journey of turning her vision into a reality and the pivotal moment when she received support from Grant, a television personality. Women at Work initially started as a social organization focused on hosting dinner parties. However, Stephanie realized the need to expand and meet the growing needs of her customers.

Through funding from organizations like Bank of America and Cornell Universities, Women at Work found its home and became a go-to place for women in the region. Stephanie’s personal experiences of overcoming the lack of like-minded relationships inspired her to create an inclusive community where women can connect over food and fashion.

Women at Work stands out from the competition by prioritizing collaboration over competition. Stephanie firmly believes that supporting each other is essential for personal and professional growth. Their events and spaces are designed to radiate positive energy, providing attendees with a warm and empowering experience.

Join Stephanie in this video as she discusses the importance of women’s empowerment and networking. Learn how Women at Work is committed to empowering women in various professional domains, whether they are professionals or individuals looking to establish a network.

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