Hintergründe des neues Spezialfonds von Speedinvest

**[Video Title]: Speedinvest Raises €60 Million for Speedinvest x Fund 2 to Support Marketplaces and Consumer Startups**


In this Brutkasten-Talk interview, Mathias Ockenfels, General Partner and Head of Marketplaces & Consumer Teams at Speedinvest, discusses the background and details of the new Spezialfonds (special fund). Speedinvest has successfully raised an additional €60 million for the Speedinvest x Fund 2, which aims to support marketplaces and consumer startups across the continent. Ockenfels shares insights on the fund’s investors and reveals how it has exceeded expectations with over 30 million euros from Speedinvest’s horizontal fund combined with more than 30 million euros from other sources, totaling 60 million euros. The fund also boasts a significant increase in the number of investors involved, including cornerstone investors such as Russmedia and Styria. Ockenfels emphasizes the strategic benefits of partnering with these media companies, as they bring not only financial returns but also strategic insights and collaboration opportunities for portfolio startups.

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## About Speedinvest’s €60 Million Special Fund to Support Marketplaces and Consumer Startups

Speedinvest, a leading venture capital firm, has successfully raised an additional €60 million for its Speedinvest x Fund 2. This special fund is specifically designed to provide support and investment to marketplaces and consumer startups across Europe. The fund aims to empower these innovative businesses and help them thrive in the competitive market landscape.

In this enlightening interview with Mathias Ockenfels, General Partner and Head of Marketplaces & Consumer Teams at Speedinvest, he provides valuable insights into the background and details of the new Spezialfonds. Ockenfels sheds light on the impressive investor interest and support for the fund, exceeding their initial expectations. He explains that the fund has received over 30 million euros from Speedinvest’s horizontal fund, along with an additional 30 million euros from other sources, resulting in a total of 60 million euros. This significant increase in funds will enable Speedinvest to provide even greater support and resources to startups in the marketplaces and consumer sectors.

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## Building a Strong Investment Network

Ockenfels highlights the remarkable growth in investor participation for Speedinvest’s special fund. He mentions the involvement of cornerstone investors like Russmedia and Styria, prominent media companies with a strong track record in the industry. Their increased commitment to the fund demonstrates their belief in Speedinvest’s vision and the potential of marketplaces and consumer startups. Furthermore, Ockenfels mentions the presence of numerous entrepreneurs and executives as investors, bringing their expertise and experience to the table. This diverse network of investors contributes not only financially but also strategically, helping startups navigate challenges and explore collaborative opportunities.

## Strategic Partnerships for Mutual Growth

Speedinvest’s partnerships with media powerhouses Russmedia and Styria provide unique advantages for portfolio startups. Ockenfels emphasizes the importance of these collaborations, which go beyond financial returns. The involvement of these media companies allows Speedinvest to gain valuable insights into market trends and developments. It also enables startups to leverage the media companies’ expertise and resources, opening doors to new growth opportunities. Ockenfels compares this partnership to a form of insurance against future uncertainties, as it ensures ongoing support and participation in the success of the startups.

Investing in Innovative Startups While Driving Financial Returns

While return on investment remains a primary focus, Speedinvest’s investment strategy also aims to find innovative startups that align with the core business of its partners. Ockenfels explains that they actively seek opportunities to collaborate and offer strategic support to startups, identifying potential synergies and facilitating growth. This dual approach ensures that Speedinvest not only generates financial returns but also drives innovation and stays at the forefront of market trends.

The Success of Speedinvest’s First Fund and Promising Future Prospects

Reflecting on the success of Speedinvest’s first fund, Ockenfels highlights the rapid growth and success stories within their portfolio. He mentions thriving startups, including unicorns and notable investments such as Tier Mobility, Shipflix, Packhält, and Burt. Ockenfels attributes their success to the surge in e-commerce and the increased adoption of digital marketplaces, which received a significant boost during the pandemic. The digitization of various industries and disrupted supply chains fueled the growth of startups within Speedinvest’s portfolio, positioning them for future achievements.

Overall, Speedinvest’s €60 million special fund represents a substantial commitment to supporting marketplaces and consumer startups. With a strong network of investors and strategic partnerships with media giants, Speedinvest continues to drive innovation and empower startups to reach their full potential.

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Speedinvest sammelt weitere 60 Millionen Euro für den Speedinvest x Fund
2 ein, um Marketplaces- und Consumer-Startups auf dem gesamten Kontinent zu unterstützen. Im Brutkasten-Talk spricht Mathias Ockenfels, General Partner und Leiter des Marketplaces & Consumer Teams, über die Hintergrunde des neuen Spezialfonds.

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