Hackers Find the Weakest Links in End Points

**[Title of the Video: Kapil Mehrotra, CTO – Dhanuka Group at #CDS2023 – Protecting Your Data from Cyber Attacks: Insights and Strategies](**

*Subtitle (optional): Gain expert insights on securing your data from cyber threats: A must-watch for CTOs and professionals in the field.*


Welcome to the official YouTube channel of [Dhanuka Group](, where we bring you exclusive and informative content on various topics. In this video, Kapil Mehrotra, CTO of Dhanuka Group, shares valuable insights and strategies to protect your data from cyber attacks, straight from his keynote speech at the Cyber & Data Security Summit 2023 (#CDS2023).

Stay ahead of the game and empower your organization with the latest knowledge in cybersecurity. Kapil highlights the importance of adapting to different user behaviors and the need to customize protection measures accordingly. Despite having top-tier MTR, MDR, and XTR tools, understanding the unique requirements and working patterns of users is key to maintaining a secure environment.

Explore the minds of hackers as Kapil sheds light on their smart approaches to infiltrate networks, with endpoint targeting being one of their most effective tactics. New and unseen forms of ransomware and malware are continuously emerging, forcing organizations to stay vigilant even with robust security measures in place. Signature-based antivirus systems are no longer enough, and a smart system that can instantly recognize and block suspicious behavior is a necessity.

Endpoint security is not a luxury; it is a critical investment for any organization. Neglecting it can lead to severe consequences, as hackers constantly evolve and surpass older security methods. To combat these risks, Kapil emphasizes the need for AI-enabled endpoint security that can detect and respond to threats in real-time. Such systems can identify behavioral patterns, prevent lateral movements within the network, and proactively stop malicious scripts.

Don’t wait for an attack to happen before taking action. It’s important to adopt preventive measures, such as zero-day attack prevention, and to implement a zero-trust architecture to safeguard your data. However, the approach you choose depends on your organization’s budget, roadmap, and specific needs.

Watch this informative and thought-provoking talk by Kapil Mehrotra, and gain invaluable insights into securing your data from cyber threats. Don’t let your organization fall victim to cyber attacks. Start implementing smart security measures today!

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Kapil Mehrotra, CTO – Dhanuka Group at #CDS2023

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