Gadi Tirosh, Managing Partner at JVP, Interviewed by i24news English


In this interview, i24news English sits down with Gadi Tirosh, Managing Partner at Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), to discuss the concept behind their labs in Jerusalem and Be’er Sheva. JVP is a venture capital fund that focuses on backing startups in the digital media software and cybersecurity sectors. Tirosh explains that these labs were established to provide the necessary seed funding for early-stage talent in Israel. He highlights the unique ecosystem in Be’er Sheva, with the presence of Ben-Gurion University, the Israeli military technology units, and the hi-tech park that houses companies like Oracle, IBM, and Lockheed Martin. Tirosh also mentions the success JVP has had in creating significant companies and discusses the future potential for Israel to become the home of major tech giants. Check out this insightful interview for more details on the thriving startup ecosystem in Israel.

*For more information on JVP and their labs:*
– [Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP)](
– [Be’er-Sheva Cyber Labs](
– [Jerusalem Media Lab](

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i24news English interviewed Gadi Tirosh, Managing Partner at JVP, during the Herzliya Conference. Gadi explained the concept of our Labs in Jerusalem (Media) and Be’er Sheva (Cyber Security).

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