Episode 2 of the Lighthouse Ventures Podcast

## **Inflation’s Impact on Real Estate Explained | Understanding the Link [2022 Update]**

Wondering how inflation affects the real estate market? Join Jennifer Barner, host of Lighthouse Ventures, as she breaks down the connection between inflation and real estate in this insightful video.

🔥 Dive into the intricate relationship between rising inflation and soaring rental prices.

🏠 Gain knowledge about why rents rarely come down, but rather stabilize and rise again with market trends.

💰 Discover the key factors to consider when investing in real estate during inflationary times, including interest rates and housing prices.

🌞 Explore the shifting demand for real estate across the nation due to COVID-19 and the allure of sunny destinations.

💼 Learn the importance of a diversified job market and wages in evaluating the potential of a particular area.

⚖️ Master the rule of thumb for setting rent prices that won’t exceed your tenants’ wages.

🔮 Get valuable insights into predicting market conditions and timing your investment, with a peek at 2023’s potential.

📈 Understand the impact of rising interest rates on housing prices and how this may create opportunities for buyers.

🔍 Develop your market research skills, including tracking inventory and cap rates, to make informed investment decisions.

For more in-depth information or to connect with Jennifer Barner, visit her LinkedIn profile or email her at [email protected]. Improve your understanding of real estate and take advantage of the evolving market today!

*Timestamps: 00:00 Introduction | 01:20 Inflation’s Effect on Rents | 04:10 Investing during Inflationary Times | 06:25 COVID-19 Impact on Real Estate | 09:15 Evaluating Market Demand | 11:00 Setting Rent Prices | 13:05 Predicting Market Conditions | 15:30 Impact of Rising Interest Rates | 18:00 Mastering Market Research*


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Today we’re gonna talk about inflation and its effect in Real Estate!

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