Dual Hand Sanitizer Dispenser by Crane Ventures


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Discover a game-changing solution for businesses to promote healthier habits for customers while boosting sales. In light of recent events, businesses have recognized the need to prioritize safety on their premises. However, providing free hand sanitizer comes at a cost for these establishments.

Introducing the revolutionary **two-in-one patented hand sanitizer dispenser and vending machine**. This innovative device allows businesses to continue offering free hand sanitizer while offsetting the expenses by selling bottled sanitizers. Its sleek modern design and touchless operation ensure customers can quickly and safely purchase the sanitizer they need in seconds.

Powered by **web bluetooth technology**, there is no need for downloading an app. Customers can easily make a purchase by simply accessing their phone’s web browser. This opens up an incredible opportunity for hand sanitizer providers to reach customers at the precise moment they realize they need it, without competing for mindshare or shelf space at local stores.

Join Crane Ventures as we pave the way for a better future in public health. Learn more about this remarkable solution by contacting us at *[email protected]*.

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There’s a new way to help businesses encourage healthier habits for customers while maximizing untapped opportunities to generate additional sales. Recent events have changed the world, and we now have a greater awareness of the vulnerabilities in what used to seem like ordinary everyday activities. Businesses have recognized the importance of encouraging safer behavior on their premises, such as providing hand sanitizer.

But maintaining a free supply of hand sanitizer for customers is not free for the business itself. Introducing the only two-in-one patented hand sanitizer dispenser and vending machine. This innovative device empowers every business to continue providing free hand sanitizer while neutralizing the cost by selling bottles.

Its clean modern appeal and simply touchless operation make it easy for customers to safely and conveniently purchase bottled hand sanitizer in seconds, just at that exact moment when they remember they need it. **Powered by web bluetooth technology, no app is needed on the phone. Simply use your phone’s web browser to make the purchase.**

Hand sanitizer providers will now have the opportunity to sell their products to the customer at the precise time they’re thinking about it, without competing for mindshare or shelf space at the drugstore or supermarket. Join Crane Ventures as we create a better way forward for public health.

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