DEVOPS : Les meilleurs pratiques de support en DevOps

**Meet-up on DevOps Support Practices – Improving Team Performance**

Welcome to the “Les pratiques DevOps du support” meet-up presented by Lévine, a Rouen-based Ops consultant. In this video, you will learn how DevOps principles can be applied to support processes in service centers. Gain insights into information system organization, DevOps service management, Agile transition for IT support teams, ticketing, and Spotify. Join us for this valuable opportunity to benefit from Rémy and Lévine’s expertise and enhance the practices of your own IT support team. This presentation offers a synthesis of experiences gathered from missions in the developer support team at Crédit Agricole Technologies and Services.

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Good evening everyone, welcome to the “Pratiques du Support” (Support Practices) meet-up. Today, we will discuss various ways to automate and improve the performance of a support team in a service center. My name is Lévine, and I’ve been working as a Support Pipeline Manager for the past two years. Prior to me, Rémi Giliam, also present today, held this position. Together, we will share our experiences and insights on this topic.


To start, we will provide an overview of what a service center is, exploring how to enhance the performance of a team working within such a center. Then, we’ll delve into the practical aspects of daily tasks performed by support team members and how they relate to the presented organizational practices. In the third part, we will explore theoretical approaches and their implementation to improve support performance. This section will cover key concepts and metrics for measuring performance. We will also discuss the future of support teams and their evolution over time.

Service centers are familiar to many, often associated with preconceived ideas and common misconceptions. These centers are based on organizational practices for managing technological infrastructure, information systems, libraries, and TSM. They were first recognized by the British Standards Institute in the 1980s and have since evolved into ISO standards (e.g., ISO 9000). It’s worth noting that the application of these standards may vary across different companies and can take various forms. A service center, unlike simple support, serves as the interface between users and the teams managing the provided services. Tonight, we will primarily focus on internal IT support.


Support services cover a wide array of sectors in the digital space. Our expertise lies specifically within IT support, where we handle a range of services such as pipelines, platform management, and automation. This field encompasses multiple technologies, and while deep expertise may not always be required, a general understanding of various environments is essential.

To summarize, we will discuss the core processes integral to service center management. Incident and problem management processes address anomalies and modifications to existing resources, aiming to minimize disruptions and ensure normal functioning. Additionally, deployment and configuration processes involve making software, hardware, and configuration available and functional. These incidents and changes often lead to user requests, characterized by the type of impacted process, the affected resources, and the desired outcome.

Attending this meet-up will equip you with valuable insights into DevOps support practices and how they can be applied to enhance your own IT support team’s performance. Join us for an engaging session filled with informative discussions!


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Lévine, consultant Ops Rouennais, vous propose d’assister au meet-up sur “les pratiques DevOps du support”.

Découvrirez comment les principes DevOps peuvent être appliqués aux processus des centres de services. Vous pourrez également en apprendre davantage sur l’organisation des systèmes d’information, la gestion des services DevOps, la transition Agile des équipes de support informatique, le ticketing et Spotify.

Ce meet-up est une occasion pour vous de bénéficier de l’expertise de Rémy et Lévine afin de tirer des enseignements clés pour améliorer les pratiques de votre propre équipe de support informatique. Cette présentation est une synthèse d’expériences rencontrées lors de missions effectuées dans l’équipe de support aux développeurs de Crédit Agricole Technologies et Services.

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