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## Algorithms: Exploring Their Impact on Social Media and Personalized Recommendations

Welcome to GMF compact! In this video, we delve into the world of algorithms and uncover why they have gained a negative reputation. Algorithms, often associated with keywords like #Instagram, #algorithms, and #AI, are the driving force behind how social media and the internet function. They are mathematical formulas or sets of instructions that guide computers in solving problems and performing tasks.

These powerful algorithms play a pivotal role in our digital lives. They determine the profiles you see on dating apps, the products recommended to you in online stores, and even the search results you get when you Google something. However, algorithms remain shrouded in secrecy as tech companies guard them closely. They consider factors like your location, browsing history, and other personal information to personalize your online experience.

The lack of transparency around algorithms has led to concerns from lawmakers around the world. Both the European Union and the US Congress are pushing for more control and transparency over the algorithms of tech giants such as Google, Meta (formerly Facebook), and Instagram. Proposed laws like the Digital Markets Act aim to increase accountability and provide users with insights into the inner workings of algorithms.

However, regulating algorithms poses challenges. Infringing on users’ freedom of speech is a potential hurdle, and tech companies are reluctant to reveal the intricacies of their algorithms. Algorithms, in a bid to keep users engaged and maximize advertising revenue, create filter bubbles. We are shown more of what we’re interested in, reinforcing our beliefs and opinions, while potentially hiding opposing viewpoints.

Critics highlight the risks associated with algorithms on social media platforms, as they can amplify posts with divisive content. This amplification has, in extreme cases, been linked to societal unrest and political upheaval.

While algorithms have their benefits in decision-making and problem-solving, it is crucial for us to be aware of their influence. They shape our opinions, from political beliefs to our consumer choices. As users, it’s important to understand how algorithms work and seek more transparency from tech companies.

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Algorithms are a set of mathematical formula that tell a computer how to solve a problem or how to perform a task. These days algorithms have a bit of a negative reputation. Let’s find out why.

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