Customer Success Story: How Hashi Energy Utilized SAP Business One

## **Hashi Energy | SAP Business One Customer Story**

Welcome to the official Hashi Energy YouTube channel! In this video, we share the inspiring story of how Hashi Energy, founded in Kenya in 1991, transformed into a reliable and accessible consumer brand.

Hashi Energy initially started as a Kerosene distributor for Chevron Kenya, but through the years, our dedication to delivering products to even the most remote areas has allowed us to establish ourselves as a leader in the industry[^1]. Despite facing challenges such as unfavorable terrains and political instability, we have continuously strived to tackle these obstacles and provide quality products to markets throughout Africa[^1].

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In this customer story, we explore the significant role SAP Business One played in our success. Implementing SAP’s robust software solution enabled us to streamline our production, manufacturing, and packaging processes for gas distribution[^1]. With SAP Business One, we were able to track stocks effectively and ensure no disappearances occurred[^1].

We are immensely grateful to our trusted partner, Bluekey Sado, for their unwavering support. During challenging times, they have been by our side, providing assistance and expertise[^1]. They also keep us updated on the latest upgrades and tools, ensuring we remain at the forefront of industry advancements[^1].

SAP Business One has revolutionized the way we operate. By eliminating the need for manual record-keeping and Excel sheets, we have experienced enhanced efficiency and real-time information[^1]. The flexibility of SAP Business One allows us to adapt to changing exchange rates daily, resulting in significant time and cost savings[^1].

The implementation of SAP Business One has empowered our management team with accurate performance reports and KPI reports. This newfound data-driven decision-making capability has contributed to a remarkable business growth of almost 40%[^1]. We firmly believe that SAP Business One will continue to propel us forward and help us achieve our goals[^1].

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[^1]: Source: [Full Video Transcript](link_to_the_video)

Hashi Energy | SAP Business One Customer Story

Founded in Kenya in 1991, Hashi Energy initially started as a Kerosene distributor for Chevron Kenya. Over the years, Hashi established itself by delivering products to even the most remote areas. Supplying to markets in Africa came with a host of challenges; from unfavorable terrains, to areas rife with political instability. However understanding these challenges and more importantly tackling them, is the reason why Hashi is considered as a reliable, accessible and quality consumer brand.

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