Coming Soon: The 5th Lean Innovation Educators Summit with Steve Blank

5th Lean Innovation Educators Summit: The Role of Educators and the University in Building Sustainable and Innovative Ecosystems

The 5th Lean Innovation Educators Summit is fast approaching, and we invite all innovation educators to join us on February 3rd, 2022 from 1 to 4pm EST, 10 to 1pm PST. This semi-annual gathering of leading entrepreneurship educators from around the world has been supportive and eye-opening. In this edition, we will focus on the role of the university and other organizations in building sustainable and innovative ecosystems.

Why the focus on building sustainable and innovative ecosystems?

As the pace of change accelerates and the challenges of the pandemic and global warming increase, the role of entrepreneurs and the ecosystem that supports them is now more critical than ever. The challenge is to capture value from technology and the innovators who create novel and effective solutions. To prepare the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators, we must identify the best practices in entrepreneurship and innovation education and explore the university’s role in supporting these practices.

Keynote Speaker

To deliver a fresh and broad perspective on the topic, Dr. Richard Lyons of UC Berkeley, will be our keynote speaker. He is the University’s first-ever Chief Innovation Officer and has served as Dean of the Berkeley Haas School of Business for ten years.

Peer to Peer Discussions

After the keynote speech, we will delve deeper into the topic with moderated peer-to-peer discussions where we will share best practices and learn from colleagues from all over the world. We will then report back on the findings from the breakout sessions.

Panelists and Moderators

Panelists and Moderators for the summit include Ivy Schultz from Columbia University, Victoria Larke from the University of Toronto, Ali Hawks from BMNT, Julie Collins from Georgia Tech, Babu DasGupta from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Bob Dorf from Columbia University, Michael Marasco from Northwestern University, Sabra Horne from BMNT, Phil Weilerstein from Venture Well, Tyrome Smith from Common Mission Project, Thomas O’Neal from the University of Central Florida, Paul Fox from La Salle University, Philip Bouchard from TrustedPeer Entrepreneurship, Jim Hornthal from UC Berkeley, Todd Morrill from UC Berkeley, Todd Basche from BMNT, Dave Chapman from University College London, Stephanie Marrus from the University of California-San Francisco, Sid Saleh from the Colorado School of Mines, Joe Smith from the Department of Defense, and Jim Chung from George Washington University.


The event is free but limited to Innovation educators. To register for the event, please visit our website at


The 5th Lean Innovation Educators Summit promises to be an exciting and informative gathering where leading entrepreneurship educators from around the world will explore the best practices in innovation and entrepreneurship education, with a focus on the role of the university and other organizations in building sustainable and innovative ecosystems. We look forward to seeing you there.

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