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In this update from the Wise Guys Charity Fund, Doug Smith joins Mike Balsom to discuss the busy time the charity has had recently. With the province gradually reopening, many charities and non-profits are going back to their usual fundraising methods and events that were abandoned during the pandemic.

Douglas provides insights into their recent golf tournament, which had to be scaled down due to restrictions. Despite the changes, the excitement and enthusiasm from participants were overwhelming. They had to adapt and reschedule the event due to rain, but the committee did a fantastic job of ensuring its success.

Next, they talk about the upcoming roast event featuring Stephen Adam Cook. With safety measures in place, about 420 people will attend the event at the Holiday Inn & Suites and Convention Center. The charity auction and dinner, planned for November 8th, also offers an opportunity for both men and women to come together and support the cause.

When asked about the future, Doug confidently discusses the possibility of returning to regular fundraising activities, mentioning how the wise girls had already successfully adapted their golf event.

The recent challenges posed by the pandemic significantly impacted Wise Guys’ fundraising efforts last year, leading to the cancellation of many events. However, despite the hardships, they managed to raise over $100,000. This year, the numbers are looking even more promising, and they expect to raise over $300,000.

Doug shares the overwhelming support they received from the community, stating that they could have sold more than 400 tickets for the roast event alone. People are eager to socialize and have a great time, while still following safety protocols and vaccination policies.

For the past 30 years, the Wise Guys have raised over $4 million for various causes in Niagara. This success is thanks to the dedicated group of volunteers, of which Doug emphasizes he is just one part. Together, they are making a positive impact on the community.

Join us in supporting the Wise Guys Charity Fund as they continue to make Niagara a better place for everyone.

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Doug Smith joins Mike Balsom and provides an update on what has been a busy time for the Wise Guys Charity Fund.

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