AKBP Achiruddin Hasibuan’s Arrogant Behavior Goes Viral, Resulting in an Outburst at #tribunlampung Journalists

**Title: Shocking Moment: AKBP Achiruddin Hasibuan Gets Angry and Slaps Journalist’s Phone**

In this shocking video, AKBP Achiruddin Hasibuan, the child of AKBP Achiruddin Hasibuan, becomes furious and slaps a journalist’s phone during the handover of the case files for the second phase of the assault case. The journalist tries to explain his job and get a response from Achiruddin, but he demands not to be recorded without permission. According to, the journalist felt intimidated by AKBP Achiruddin’s behavior.

It is worth noting that AKBP Achiruddin Hasibuan has been declared a suspect in a assault case at Polda Sumut. Previously, as seen in the video, the middle-ranking police officer was seen assaulting a student named Ken Admiral on December 22nd, 2022, in Medan Helvetia. The incident occurred in front of AKBP Achiruddin without intervention.

As a consequence, AKBP Achiruddin was removed from his position as Kabag Bin Ops Director of the Narcotics Detective Directorate at Polda Sumut. He is currently placed in a special location at Bid Propam Polda Sumut.

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(changed into a clickable link to improve SEO) – Momen mengejutkan terjadi saat Kejaksaan Negeri Medan melakukan pelimpahan berkas perkara tahap II kasus penganiayaan yang dilakukan oleh anak AKBP Achiruddin Hasibuan, Aditya Hasibuan.

AKBP Achiruddin Hasibuan mendadak murka hingga menampar ponsel milik wartawan.

“Ehh kau,” kata Achiruddin.

Wartawan itu kemudian menjelaskan pekerjaannya dan membuat Achiruddin menanggapi.

Ia meminta untuk tidak asal mengambil video.

“Dari wartawan kami pak,” jawab wartawan tersebut.

“Permisi kau, jangan asal-asal aja kau,” sambung Achiruddin kembali.

Dikutip dari, atas sikap tersebut, wartawan itu merasa diintimidasi oleh AKBP Achiruddin.

Diketahui, Achiruddin Hasibuan telah ditetapkan sebagai tersangka di Polda Sumut dalam kasus penganiayaan.

Sebelumnya, anak perwira menengah Polri di Polda Sumut, AKBP Achiruddin terekam menganiaya seorang mahasiswa bernama Ken Admiral.

Penganiayaan itu berlangsung pada (22/12/2022) di Jalan Karya, Kecamatan Medan Helvetia.

Peristiwa ini dilakukan dihadapan AKBP Achiruddin tanpa dilerai.

Buntutnya, AKBP Achiruddin dicopot dari jabatannya sebagai Kabag Bin Ops Direktorat Reserse Narkoba Polda Sumut.

Kini ia ditempatkan di tempat khusus di Bid Propam Polda Sumut.

#tribunlampung #viral #akbpachiruddin #wartawan

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