Xavier Niel de Free a saboté mes connexions – Un récit humoristique d’un streamer sur Twitch 📺😂 #Free #streamer #twitch #drôle

## **Miraculous Cable Cut Incident during Live Stream at Free – A Son’s Call to Customer Service**

In this captivating YouTube video, Sacha Niel recounts a recent live stream mishap that occurred when his internet connection mysteriously got cut off. As a Free customer and the son of Xavier Niel, the founder of Free, Sacha decided to call Free’s customer service to inform them about the cables being mistakenly severed by his gracious father, resulting in an abrupt pause in his stream.

With a touch of irony, Sacha introduces himself as Sacha Niel, the son of Xavier Niel, only to be unceremoniously hung up by the customer service representative. Witness Sacha’s humorous and unexpected encounter as he navigates through the tribulations caused by the great cable debacle.

This amusing video sheds light on the relatable frustration of technical blunders, while offering a glimpse into the fascinating world of Xavier Niel’s family. Join Sacha as he humorously recounts this miraculous incident, entwined with unexpected encounters with customer service representatives.

~ Watch the full video and discover how Sacha Niel hilariously handles the cable fiasco during his live stream.


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