Verny Bester Hopefield Concert featuring Pearl Adams – Anointed Worship🙏 from Western Cape, South Africa

Pearl Adams Live Performance at Hopefield with Verny Bester at the Sacrifice of Praise Concert

Experience the incredible talent of Pearl Adams as she takes the stage in Hopefield alongside renowned singer and songwriter Verny Bester, known for the popular song "Die Olie van God." The concert, named Sacrifice of Praise, showcases the beautiful voices of these talented artists in a stunning live performance.

This unforgettable event later moved to the Multi Purpose Centre in Saldanha Bay, where the Sacrifice of Worship continued to captivate audiences. The Western Cape, West Coast Region is no stranger to extraordinary musicians, and this concert is no exception.

Join us as we celebrate the power of music with top musicians playing a variety of instruments, including guitar, saxophone, piano, trumpet, violin, drums, and vocals. Witness the magic of live music that will uplift your spirits and leave you wanting more.

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