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**Title:** Business Intelligence in Nepal: An Interview with Arun Basnet | YOHO Television HD


Welcome to Sunday Morning Business, hosted by Gyanraj Panthi. In this episode, we delve into the world of business intelligence (BI) and its significance in the Nepalese market. Joining us today is Mr. Arun Basnet, an expert in organizational development and the real estate industry.

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As the conversation unfolds, we explore the concept of BI and how it helps businesses make informed decisions based on data analysis. Business intelligence is all about understanding your business, the changes happening, and how to navigate the future.

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Arun Basnet highlights the importance of BI in the context of the Nepalese business culture. He emphasizes that every company should leverage BI as a strategic tool to stay ahead in a rapidly growing market. With technology advancements, BI has become a crucial investment for optimizing business performance.

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In this interview, we also discuss the role of HR analytics and big data in shaping the HR sector’s value proposition. Arun Basnet sheds light on how these three components – BI, big data, and HR analytics – intertwine to enhance organizational transformation and decision-making.

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Through real-life examples and insights, Arun Basnet demonstrates how BI tools can provide valuable data on employee productivity, working styles, and performance. With BI, HR departments can proactively analyze data and make data-driven decisions, ultimately leading to improved overall business outcomes.

Join us for this exclusive interview to gain a deeper understanding of the power of business intelligence in the Nepalese business landscape.

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Host: Gyanraj Panthi
Guest: MR. Arun Basnet
Camera: Robben Ghimire
Edit: Rajesh BC

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  1. You have masterfully balanced the science & art of BI, providing actionable insights that yield growth & profitability. Everyone needs to listen to this particular show to scale up & speed up their business growth by unleashing the real power of data not just limiting to people but overall business operation. Thank you for sharing your experience and Insights.

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