Tomorrow’s Outlook – ORANGE: The French Start-up Innovating Omnichannel CRM for Businesses.

# Orange Ventures introduces Batch: Omnichannel CRM solutions for large corporations

Are you looking for advanced customer relationship management solutions? Discover the remarkable success story of Batch, a leading French scale-up that specializes in omni-channel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for large corporations. Join Jérôme Berger, CEO of Orange Ventures, and Batch CEO Simon Dawlat in their discussion on the journey of their partnership, and how Batch has helped over 400 leading brands across Europe, UAE, and Asia to deliver more than a trillion messages each year.

At Orange Ventures, we invest in future Global Tech Champions and leverage the strengths of the Union group to help them grow. Orange Ventures has supported Batch with their international development potential, omni-channel strategy, and strong company culture, which has helped us to engage with millions of customers in Europe and Africa.

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Visit Batch and discover how they deliver real-time solutions to manage the sending of millions of notifications per day. Don’t miss out on VivaStories, the best-ofs and must-see videos, including an interview with Emmanuel Macron, President of France.

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Join Jérôme Berger, CEO of Orange Ventures, as he introduces Batch, a leading French scale-up specializing in omnichannel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for large corporations. Discover the remarkable success of their partnership as Jérôme Berger and Batch CEO Simon Dawlat discuss their journey.


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