The UK heatwave demands this essential life hack

🍦 Must-Try Life Hack: How to Keep Kids Cool on Hot Days | Birmingham Live

Discover the ultimate life hack you need right now to keep your kids cool during scorching summer days! In this video, Casey from Major Mum Hacks shares her brilliant tips for ensuring ice-cold treats for her little ones, no matter the outdoor adventure – be it a picnic, beach day, or theme park adventure.🌞

Get ready to become the hero of all your mom friends this summer with this genius parenting hack!

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“You need to share this with all your mum friends this summer. This is the best hack for going out with kids, whether you’re going out for a picnic, a day at the beach, or a theme park. I’m Casey, and I’ll do Mum Hack.”

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This life hack is definitely needed right now. A creator that dedicates her social media pages to showing her followers ways to make tasks easier shares with us what she does to ensure her kids get ice cold treats even on the hottest of days!

Credit @ majormumhacks on TikTok and Instagram

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