The Jersey County Art Council and Jenna Musceralla: Unveiling Hyperlocal Extreme Weather in Our Daily Show!

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Welcome to our Monday Morning edition of Our Daily Show, dedicated to celebrating the thriving Riverbend Community! In this episode, we delve into the exceptional services offered by the esteemed Jersey County Art Council, as well as exciting upcoming events that you won’t want to miss.

Joining us today is Chad Scott, a renowned expert from Hyper Local Extreme Weather, to provide vital insights regarding the projected snowfall. Prepare for Mother Nature’s wintry embrace and stay informed!

In addition, we have the pleasure of hosting the talented Jenna Musceralla, who will shed light on an upcoming event at the esteemed Jacoby Arts Center. Prepare to be captivated by the creativity and passion exuding from this extraordinary gathering.

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Stay tuned for a compelling and insightful show that will leave you inspired and informed about the heart and soul of the Riverbend Community.

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Call or text (618) 759-7469 or Google Meet ( to be part of the show!

On this Monday Morning in the Heart of the Riverbend… We learn about the great services the Jersey County Art Council provides, and some upcoming events we can attend! Then Chad Scott- with Hyper Local Extreme Weather joins us ahead of the potential snowfall. PLUS Jenna Musceralla joins us to fill us in on an upcoming event at Jacoby Arts Center.

Our Daily Show is a daily call-in show dedicated to the Riverbend Community! From 9-11 AM/Monday-Friday, you’ll be able to hear and contribute to conversations with area leaders/business owners/entertainers, and share what’s on your mind!

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