Technofounders’ Managing Partner for Financing, Sébastien Wuidart, in a Portrait 🎬

# Technofounders Venture Builder: Spotlight on Managing Partner Sébastien Wuidart

Are you interested in learning about the driving force behind successful startups? Meet Sébastien Wuidart, the Managing Partner in charge of financing and investor relations at Technofounders. In this video portrait, he discusses his dual role of securing financing sources and maintaining relationships with investors.

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With 20 years of experience in a large, publicly-traded bank, Sébastien sought a new challenge – one that was more exciting and entrepreneurial. At Technofounders, he found just that. Sébastien was drawn to the technical expertise and diversity of the three primary themes at Technofounders: agriculture, health, green chemistry, and new materials. These projects are both ambitious and rewarding, as they have the potential to change the world.

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As Managing Partner, Sébastien plays a critical role in attracting the funding necessary to bring these startups to life. He seeks out investors from various sources and maintains relationships with those who share Technofounders’ vision and commitment. Additionally, he shares new investment opportunities with investors several times a year at exclusive events.

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If you’re interested in following Technofounders’ exciting journey, be sure to watch this video. You’ll learn more about Sébastien’s experiences and the inspiring vision behind Technofounders’ approach to building successful startups.

(For more information on building successful startups, check out [Entrepreneur]( and [Forbes](

Le venture builder Technofounders met à l’honneur ses talents !
Découvrez le portrait de Sébastien Wuidart, managing partner financement au sein de Technofounders

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