Sampling and Tagging Over 10,000 Paddlefish in the Garrison D Area of the Missouri River

**Title:** Sampling and Tagging Paddlefish in the Missouri River | North Dakota Outdoors


Welcome to this week’s segment of “North Dakota Outdoors”! In this episode, join fisheries crews as they sample and tag more than 10,000 paddlefish along the Missouri River, south of the Garrison Dam.

Paddlefish are North Dakota’s largest fish species and exist in two populations within the Missouri River system, specifically in the Williston area. This video takes you on a journey through Lake Sakakawea and up into the Yellowstone and Missouri rivers, where you’ll witness the fascinating process of sampling and tagging these incredible fish.

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Sampling and tagging more than 10,000 paddlefish along the Missouri River south of the Garrison Dam

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