Retargeting-Anbieter CRITEO mit Bußgeld belegt – Datenschutznews KW 25/2023

### What Happened in the World of Data Protection in Week 25? A Short Overview

In this week’s episode of the DatenschutzTalk podcast, we provide a brief overview of the latest developments in the world of data protection. Here are the topics we cover:

1. New blog article: “Integrierte Managementsysteme: Was macht Sinn?” (Integrated Management Systems: What Makes Sense?) – Check out our colleague Stefan Auge’s new blog post on the practical implementation of integrated management systems, focusing on ISO certifications and related data protection management systems.

2. AdTech service Criteo fined millions for GDPR breaches – Learn about the recent penalty imposed on Criteo, a behavioral retargeting provider, by the French supervisory authority CNIL. The fintech company was found guilty of multiple violations, including setting cookies without consent, incomplete information provision, and failure to properly secure tracking mechanisms.

3. Volkswagen Leasing GmbH fined in Italy for incomplete information provision – Discover why Volkswagen Leasing was slapped with a fine by the Italian authorities for failing to provide complete information to data subjects.

4. European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling on the scope of the right to information – We delve into a recent ECJ judgment (Case C-579/21) that clarifies the extent of individuals’ right to access personal data held about them.

5. EDPB releases final version of Binding Corporate Rules guidelines for controllers – Find out about the European Data Protection Board’s publication of the definitive edition of the Binding Corporate Rules guidelines, which provide practical recommendations for multinational companies seeking to ensure compliance with the GDPR.

6. Privacy-focused browser DuckDuckGo now available as a beta version for Windows – Get the latest update on DuckDuckGo’s mission to protect user privacy and explore their newly launched Windows beta version.

7. noyb files complaint against TeleSign for alleged covert profiling – Discover why privacy advocacy group noyb has lodged a complaint against TeleSign, a communications platform, for suspected unauthorized profiling activities.

8. Legal service of the EU Council issues opinion on chat control – We discuss the recent statement by the legal service of the EU Council regarding the legality of chat control measures in the context of the ePrivacy Directive.

9. Recommendations and reading tips – We highlight ENISA’s guidance on data protection in the use of AI in medical image diagnosis and an upcoming event on the future of data protection and its readiness for AI.

10. BfDI releases updated brochure on data protection and telecommunications – Learn about the new edition of the brochure “Datenschutz und Telekommunikation” (Data Protection and Telecommunications) published by the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (BfDI).

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Was ist in der KW 25 in der Datenschutzwelt passiert, was ist für Datenschutzbeauftragte interessant?
Wir geben einen kurzen Überblick der aktuellen Themen:

Neuer Blogartikel: Integrierte Managementsysteme: Was macht Sinn?

AdTech-Dienst Criteo erhält Millionen-Bußgeld aufgrund von DSGVO-Verstößen

Bußgeld gegen Volkswagen Leasing GmbH in Italien: Auskunft unvollständig

EuGH zur Reichweite des Auskunftsrechts (zu EuGH, Urteil vom 22.06.2023 – C-579/21)

EDPB veröffentlicht endgültige Fassung zu Binding Corporate Rules für Verantwortliche

PrivacyBrowser DuckDuckGo als Beta für Windows verfügbar

noyb reicht Beschwerde gegen TeleSign wegen mutmaßlich heimlicher Profilerstellung ein

Juristischer Dienst des EU-Rates gibt Stellungnahme zur Chatkontrolle ab

Empfehlungen & Lesetipps:

ENISA gibt Tipps zum Datenschutz beim Einsatz von KI in der medizinischen Bilddiagnose

Veranstaltung “Die Zukunft des Datenschutzes – Ist die DSGVO bereit für KI?” am 13.07

BfDI: Neuauflage der Broschüre “Datenschutz und Telekommunikation”

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00:00:00 Bußgeld für CRITEO – Datenschutz News KW 25/2023
00:03:40 Bußgeld für CRITEO
00:07:26 Bußgeld gegen VW Leasing
00:09:41 EuGH zur Reichweite von Auskunft
00:13:52 EDPB zu BCR
00:15:57 DuckDuckGo goes Windows
00:17:50 noyb gegen TeleSign
00:20:13 Stellungnahme: Chatkontrolle unionsrechtswidrig
00:21:41 Empfehlungen und Lesetipps

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