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# **Introducing Royaltie Gem Proximity Marketing in Los Angeles, CA! Reach Your Target Audience with Ease**

Are you ready to take your marketing game to the next level? Royaltie Gem proximity marketing in Los Angeles, CA allows you to target people with Android phones within 1,000 meters of your beacon. This amazing technology will help you increase sales, drive traffic, and boost brand recognition.

With Royaltie Gem, you have the power to promote your business or brand to everyone within proximity, 24/7. Imagine being able to reach hundreds of potential customers with a simple message and call-to-action. The possibilities are endless!

But that’s not all. Royaltie has recently launched the NEW Upline Networks App, a team management tool specifically designed for the online marketing niche. This powerful app is free and has been backed by over a $1,000,000 investment.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to revolutionize your marketing strategy. Visit []( to sign up or call us directly at 323-484-6680 for more information.

Join the ranks of successful businesses who have already witnessed the power of Royaltie Gem. Start making your mark in the online marketing world today!

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Hi, welcome to the latest innovation that has been going viral and taking the proximity marketing industry by storm. Never before has it been so inexpensive and cost-effective to broadcast your message to the masses. Reach thousands of phone users monthly using this small, inexpensive device.

What if you could promote or advertise your brand daily and reach hundreds for as little as $80 down and $25 a month? What if that was all it took for you to become an instant walking billboard? No longer are you confined to the limitations of your business or establishment. Why should your advertising stop once you cut off the lights and lock your doors for the night? Promote your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 30 days a month. Pretty much anytime you have the device with you.

So, how does it work? Introducing the Royaltie Gem. The Royaltie Gem is a Bluetooth proximity beacon that allows you to transmit a 40-character message and call-to-action to most phones within a 50 to 100-yard radius of the gem. Now, how powerful is that? Just think of the possibilities.

Imagine if brick and mortar businesses could use the Gem as an incentive for new customers while rewarding their existing ones with in-store discounts and coupons. How about having a model’s bio appear on your cell phone just as she’s about to walk the runway? Or your favorite music artist instructing you and thousands of other fans at their big concert to simultaneously pull out your cell phone and receive notifications with a link and message instructing you where to purchase their latest single, released and announced that night for the first time to thousands of fans. How big would that be? Can you imagine how much added revenue that can potentially add to your already lucrative night?

Real estate agents can attach a small gem to their “For Sale” sign with an added message below, instructing nearby walkers to check their phones and view their listings. How innovative would that be?

Now that I have you thinking and realizing just how powerful the Gem is and what it can do, let’s have a look at some other industries that would benefit from this technology as well. Bars can broadcast their happy hour and weekly specials. Shops, boutiques, and hair salons can advertise their sales and products as clients view their phones while getting their hair done. Swap meets will be great to stand out from the hordes of other vendors. Small shops, big shops, all shops will benefit from the Gem.

You can even use it as the perfect meet and greet tool at social events. Imagine going into your next marketing convention and hundreds within the building are receiving your broadcasted hello on their phones. How cool is that?

The point is, when it comes to Royaltie and the Royaltie Gem, the possibilities are endless. You’re only bound by your imagination. So now that you’ve got a glimpse of what the Gem can do, I’m sure your only decision is now how many and where do I order?

You have the option to order 1 Gem for $25, 3 Gems for $49, or 8 Gems for $99 a month. The choice is totally up to you. Special reduced prices are available for bulk orders. Need more than eight? Additional Gems are only $12 each.

To get started, simply place your order and Royaltie will bill you for the first and last month’s payment. Let’s say you purchase one Gem for $25. You would pay $25 plus $25 for a total of $50, plus a one-time $30 activation fee, making it $80 down and $25 a month.

For less than a daily cup of coffee, you can be in the running and broadcasting your message to the masses. Never before has advertising been so affordable. Who needs TV and radio commercials when you have a billboard in your pocket?

And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, ask about the new Royaltie app that ties in with the Gems. To learn more, get in touch with an independent sales rep to share this video with you or hit the button below.

Your ultimate goal is to create a unique description with Markdown syntax that is both search engine-friendly and enticing to viewers. Royaltie Gem proximity marketing los angeles ca its time to market like the big boys! Get your message in front of the eyeballs of people with android phone within 1,000 meters of your beacon.
Call today 323-484-6680

Royaltie gem proximity marketing Los Angeles CA now is the time to step up your game and increase sales, traffic or brand recognition!! Call today to get more information or visit the link
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Royaltie Gem is the leader in Proximity marketing which is big right now. Take advantage of their awesome technology and increase leads, increase sales and achieve your goals. The Royaltie gem was introduced in January of last year and has been scaling up ever since.
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Now Royaltie has spent over a $1,000,000 Dollars on the NEW Upline Networks App which is the FIRST Team Management tool for the Online Marketing Niche. Very powerful and the best part is…It’s FREE!!!
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Royaltie Gem allows you to promote your business or brand to everyone upto 1,000 meters from you. For more info or to sign up with Royaltie now you can do so at or if you have some more questions about the Royaltie Gem or Proximity marketing then you can call me on my direct line at 323-484-6680
Thanks for watching and have a fabulous day!!

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