[Podcast] Episode 97: Key Considerations for Brands Developing an Influencer Marketing Strategy

**Welcome to Mintel’s Little Conversation Podcast**

Hello and welcome to Mintel’s Little Conversation, where our experts bring you fresh ideas and new perspectives on how consumers eat, drink, shop, groom, and think. My name is Sam Dover, and I’m a Category Director for Beauty and Personal Care here at Mintel. Today, I’m joined by my colleague Rebecca to talk about all things social media influencer related. Influencer marketing is one of those things that Mintel clients ask us about a lot – who to partner with and what strategy to employ when creating this kind of content. And although there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, there are some big themes that come up time and time again. So with that in mind, myself and Rebecca are going to explore some of those themes in today’s discussion.

To get started, I will hand over to Rebecca to introduce herself.

**Factors to Consider in Influencer Marketing Strategy**

Hi everyone, I’m Rebecca McGrath, and I’m Mintel’s Associate Director for Media and Technology. I write most of Mintel’s UK content on media, which includes a lot of social media content and specifically influencers as well. Understanding the influencer market is key in developing an effective influencer strategy. Despite predictions that influencer marketing would decline during the pandemic, it actually exploded, becoming an even more competitive space for both influencers and brands.

**Authenticity and Transparency in Influencer Marketing**

When developing an influencer strategy, brands need to consider factors like authenticity and transparency. How heavily should these elements be weighed? In today’s discussion, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of forging long-term, collaborative influencer partnerships. Additionally, we will examine how consumer understanding of the role influencers play in their lives is evolving.

**The Impact of Influencers on Consumer Purchasing Behavior**

Consumers actively engage with influencer content, and the types of influencers they follow vary. Social media influencers are individuals who actively influence purchasing decisions and consumer behavior. They are famous for their social media content on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. These influencers have a genuine impact on people’s purchasing decisions across various categories, not just fashion and beauty. During the pandemic, there was initially a narrative that consumers would disengage with influencers, but that proved to be untrue. Instead, people spent more time on social media, engaging with these personalities and influencers.

**Relatable Content and Aspiration**

Consumers are looking for a balance between relatable and aspirational content. Influencers create interesting and fun content that people want to engage with. Rather than dismissing influencers as superficial, they should be recognized as creators who provide entertainment and valuable information. The relatability and familiarity that comes from following influencers can have a greater impact on consumers than traditional celebrities who don’t engage as frequently. It’s important to move away from negative stereotypes and recognize the talent and influence of social media influencers.

**The Role of Social Media in Retail**

Social media platforms play a significant role in retail, with video content being particularly impactful. Retailers are adapting to how consumers digest content on social media and are using videos to create meaningful connections with customers. But it’s not just about high production value – relatable content is key. By showcasing real people doing everyday things, brands and retailers can make social media users feel more connected to their products. An example is M&S, which uses its employees for campaigns and product launches, creating a sense of authenticity and reflecting the values of the company. This approach will become even more important as social commerce continues to grow.

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Host Samantha Dover and her guest Rebecca McGrath explore the big themes in influencer marketing. Despite predictions to the contrary, macro- and micro-influencer marketing exploded during the pandemic and quickly became an even more competitive space for both the influencers impacting consumer purchasing behaviours and decisions and the brands with which they work. What are the factors brands need to consider when developing an influencer strategy? How heavily should authenticity and transparency be weighed? What are the benefits and drawbacks of forging long-term, collaborative influencer partnerships? And how is consumer understanding of the role influencers play in their lives evolving? Listen now to find out!

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