Pablo Pedrejón of Seaya Ventures Presents an Exclusive Webinar

# **Title: Webinar on Post-COVID-19 Sector Relevance and Changes in Venture Capital**

### **Description:**

Welcome to our webinar discussing the sectors that will gain relevance after COVID-19 and the changes in venture capital. Join us as we explore the factors venture capitalists consider when investing in startups.

In this webinar, Paulo from Rockstart, a leading startup accelerator, shares his valuable insights on the current investment landscape in 2020 and when we can expect the world to start recovering. This webinar is a must-watch for entrepreneurs in Latin America looking for knowledge and guidance during these challenging times.

[Rockstart]( – a startup accelerator known for its expertise in scaling businesses, and [Saia Ventures](, a Spanish venture capital fund expanding its presence in Latin America, have joined forces to provide valuable information to startups seeking capital for growth.

Paulo, an experienced investor and entrepreneur himself, sheds light on his journey and the unique challenges faced by businesses due to the sudden impact of COVID-19. This unprecedented global economic shock has forced all industries to reassess their future plans and fundraising strategies.

Venture capital firms like Rockstart and Saia Ventures are dedicated to supporting startups and assisting them in adapting to the new reality. Paulo emphasizes the importance of conducting thorough research, seeking information and advice from experts, and planning multiple scenarios to ensure a successful future.

Being flexible and open to opportunities is crucial for startups to emerge stronger from this crisis. Rockstart and Saia Ventures are already working closely with their portfolio companies, helping them create contingency plans and secure funding for an extended period. Their goal is to navigate these uncertain times, identify new opportunities, and come out on the other side stronger than ever.

Join us in this insightful webinar as we discuss the sectors that are expected to thrive post-COVID-19 and the innovative solutions startups can bring to the table.

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*[Rockstart]: [Source](
*[Saia Ventures]: [Source](

Este webinar trata sobre qué sectores tomarán relevancia después del Cov-19, los cambios en los VC, qué tienen en cuenta a la hora de invertir en startups.

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