New Information Released by Capital Police on Investigation into the Mysterious Death Case of Lt. Tumi Gangkak

# **The Development of Lt. Tumi Gangkak’s Case: Investigative Updates and Progress**

In this video, The Capital Police provides crucial details and updates on the ongoing investigation into the case of Lt. Tumi Gangkak.

According to the latest report, the dedicated investigation team has made significant progress in collecting evidence and analyzing various sources of information. So far, they have completed the search and seizure operation at the crime scene. Additionally, they have analyzed over 100 hours of CCTV footage, conducted detailed call data record (CDR) analysis of the victim, suspects, and relevant individuals, as well as in-depth interrogations of various witnesses and suspects.

To ensure a thorough investigation, some of the evidence has been sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) for further analysis, and the reports are currently awaited. Meanwhile, the CCTV footage continues to be scrutinized for any potential breakthroughs. Notably, the call data records from nearby mobile towers have been collected and are under analysis as well.

The updates on this investigation are regularly communicated to the victim’s family to maintain transparency and provide them with relevant information. The Capital Police also urges other organizations to contact them with any pertinent details regarding the case, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and community support.

While the Capital Police is striving to expedite the investigation, it is crucial to note that conclusive reports cannot be provided at this time due to the pending reports from FSL and other sources. Nevertheless, their commitment to resolving the case at the earliest remains unwavering.

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The Capital Police provides details on the Development of Lt. Tumi Gangkak’s Case, on the back of latest GWS Press Briefing.

According to the latest repot, the investigation team has completed the search and seizure from the spot, collected PM report and analysed over 100 hours of CCTV footage, detailed CDR analysis of victim, suspects and others, detailed interrogation of various suspects and witnesses as well. Some evidence has been sent to FSL for further analysis, and the reports are awaited. Further, CCTV footage is being analysed for any other findings. The call data records from nearby mobile towers have also been collected and are being analyzed.

The updates of investigation is being shared with the victim family in regular basis. And in meantime aslo urged other organization may contact the capital police for any information regarding the case.

SP Chiram also said Capital police is trying to complete the investigation at the earliest, however, as of now due to awaiting of reports, conclusive report cannot be provided.

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