Marathon Ventures’ Alejandro Echavarria Advises Investment in B2B Marketplaces

In this episode of Levantando Podcast, Alejandro Echavarria, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Marathon Ventures, discusses the evolution of Marathon from a Venture Builder to a traditional VC. He shares insights on what makes a successful B2B marketplace, raising capital with LPs from Asia, and the importance of validating an investment thesis. Marathon Ventures, founded by Echavarria and his partner León Suematsu, focuses on early-stage investments in Latin America. Echavarria shares their journey from their humble beginnings at Yellowstone Capitals to launching Marathon Ventures.

Marathon Ventures’ portfolio includes five successful B2B marketplaces, such as BoomeRing and Tül, and they have a unique framework for evaluating such marketplaces. Echavarria explains the importance of choosing a large market and monetization strategies in a B2B marketplace.

If you’re interested in learning about the journey of two entrepreneurs who evolved from angel investing to a full-fledged venture capital fund, and the characteristics of successful B2B marketplaces, this podcast episode is a must-listen.

Contact Alejandro on LinkedIn or visit Marathon Ventures’ website for more information.

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Alejandro Echavarria, Co-Founder y Managing Partner de Marathon Ventures, nos cuenta cómo nace Marathon y cómo pasa de ser un Venture Builder a un VC tradicional, las características de un marketplace B2B exitoso, levantar capital con LPs de Asia. Además, platicamos sobre la importancia de validar una tesis de inversión.

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