Live Performance of The Ventures’ Cover of “Pipeline” and “Cherry Spice” at Okoyama on February 12, 2023

**Title: Live Performance at Radio Plaza, Okayama | Haruka with Cherry Spice – Instrumental Band (Music Video)**

In this captivating live performance at Radio Plaza in Okayama on February 12, 2023, Haruka with Cherry Spice, an instrumental band formed in 2010, enchants the audience with their mesmerizing music. 🍒🎸

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Unleash the harmony of Cherry Spice and embark on a melodic journey filled with passion and creativity. Join our community and indulge in the magic of music with Haruka Nakamura – JJ1ROE. Experience the artistry that brings joy to the heart and soothes the soul. 🎶🌟

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この動画は2023年2月12日岡山Radio Plazaで演奏したものです。
🍒🎸Haruka with Cherry Spiceは、2010年に結成されたインストゥルメンタルバンド(楽器のみのバンド)です。


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