Is Influencer Marketing Adapting to the Crisis?

## **[VID Title]** – Francisco Ascenção: Founder & CEO at Youzz, Leading the Way in Influencer Marketing

In this insightful interview, we sit down with Francisco Ascenção, the Founder & CEO of Youzz, a renowned influencer marketing company. With an impressive background in managing brands at FMCG giants like Gillette Group and Schweppes, Francisco’s expertise brings a wealth of knowledge to the world of influencer marketing.

At Youzz, Francisco and his team aim to redefine the industry by addressing the challenges surrounding influencers’ credibility and authenticity. Their platform offers brands the opportunity to collaborate with over 700,000 micro-influencers, leveraging data and insights in a transparent and ethical manner.

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In this interview, we delve into Francisco Ascenção’s background, starting from his early career in consumer brands to his transition into the entrepreneurial world. He shares valuable insights on the power of word-of-mouth marketing and how it remains the most credible form of communication.

Having worked on both the brand and agency side, Francisco gained extensive experience in building successful marketing strategies and effectively reaching consumers. He highlights the evolving landscape of branding, emphasizing the need for brands to constantly adapt to changing consumer needs and market trends.

Reflecting on the past two decades, Francisco underscores the increasing competition in the market, making it challenging for brands to establish their presence and capture consumers’ attention. Brands must now focus on being more effective and value-driven to stand out in this highly competitive environment.

Turning the spotlight onto Youzz, Francisco sheds light on the company’s transformation over the past 11 years. Originally known as Ambassadors, a Portuguese-based brand, Youzz has evolved into an international platform, leveraging the power of social media to facilitate influencer marketing.

Francisco catapults us into the digital era, where social media has become the dominant channel for communication. He explains how influencer marketing has emerged as a powerful marketing tool in this digital landscape. With the ability for anyone to become an influencer, building a community on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook, influencer marketing has become prevalent.

However, Francisco acknowledges the challenges that come with this rising trend. He cautions aspiring influencers to maintain credibility and relevance, highlighting the importance of nurturing their community and delivering valuable content. Brands must also exercise caution when selecting influencers, ensuring a genuine connection based on credibility and expertise.

While influencer marketing is thriving, Francisco believes there is still ample room for growth in the industry. However, he emphasizes the need for careful management and genuine partnerships between influencers and brands. With the right strategy and collaboration, influencer marketing can generate not only brand awareness but also drive sales and conversions.

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Francisco Ascenção is the Founder & CEO at Youzz, an influencer marketing company.
Francisco spent 6 years managing brands in FMCG companies (Gillette Group and Schweppes.

His project, Youzz aims to be the leading partner for brands and agencies in the area, addressing the challenges around Influencers’ credibility and authenticity. Brands can work with micro-influencers at scale (more than 700.000 so far) and get direct access to data and insights in a more ethical and transparent model.

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