Fireside Chat with Ry Sullivan from Carta: Uncovering Product-Market Fit

**Title: Insights on Finding Product-Market Fit | Carta**

## Description:

In this YouTube video, Ry Sullivan, a product leader at Carta, shares valuable insights on finding product-market fit for various products he has launched. Ry has been with Carta for over five years and has a deep understanding of the process.

Watch the video to gain practical tips and strategies for maximizing your chances of finding product-market fit. Ry discusses the problem with product-market fit, how to navigate the challenges, and shares disciplines that can help product thinkers increase their chances of success.

Don’t miss out on this informative session that can unlock new avenues for growth and success in your business.


– 00:00 – Introduction
– 01:32 – The problem with product-market fit
– 05:12 – Maximizing your chances for success
– 09:45 – Disciplines for finding product-market fit
– 12:20 – Q&A session


– Ry Sullivan’s LinkedIn Profile: [Ry Sullivan on LinkedIn](
– Carta Official Website: [Carta](
– Basis Set Ventures Official Website: [Basis Set Ventures](
– Persistence Community: [Persistence Community](
– Dev Founders Community: [Dev Founders Community](


*Note: The transcript for the video is not provided.*

Ry shared some great insights of finding product-market fit for various products he’s launched at Carta over the years.

Ry Sullivan:
Basis Set Ventures:
Persistence Community: Community of women executives and founders in tech committed to helping women lead –
Dev Founders Community: A community of founders building tools for developers and creators –

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