Expanding Market Potential for Sorghum and Pearl Millet in West Africa

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Collaborative Research on Sorghum and Millet (SMIL) at Kansas State University is pioneering a new way of preparing West African staple dishes by developing ready-to-prepare and fortified products. Led by Dr. Bruce Hamaker at Purdue University, the project aims to ease the burden of meal preparation, often shouldered by women, through innovative product development.

Through the project titled "Expanding Markets for Sorghum and Millet Farmers in West Africa Through Strengthening of Women and Youth Processors and Nutrition-Based Promotion of Products," SMIL is working to optimize traditional and new product concepts, enhance packaging and shelf-life, train local youth, and support women entrepreneurs in Niger and Senegal. The goal is to meet the rising demand for convenient food products while preserving the rich culinary traditions of West Africa.

As urbanization and disposable income increase in Niger and Senegal, there is a growing awareness of nutrition and a preference for ready-made products. The Hub Food Innovation Centers established by SMIL in partnership with the McKnight Foundation are at the forefront of product innovation in the region, catering to the evolving consumer needs.

For more information on this transformative project, visit SMIL’s official website.

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