Essential Documents Founders Need for Fundraising | Volta Ventures VC Series Clip 6

# Fundraising Documents: What You Need to Prepare
In this video, Frank and Sander from Volta Ventures share valuable tips on the essential fundraising documents every ambitious founder should have ready. Prepping your pitch deck is just the beginning, as many investors will ask for additional documentation during further conversations. So, what exactly do you need to prepare?

### Key Documents for Fundraising Success
To ensure a seamless fundraising process, it’s important to have the following documents readily available:

1. **Shareholders Agreements:** Providing clarity on ownership rights and responsibilities.
2. **Cap Table:** Essential for tracking the allocation and value of shares within your company.
3. **Balance Sheet & P&L:** Investors want to see your financial health and projections.
4. **Commercial Deck:** Shed light on your pricing, delivery strategies, and how you address customer needs.
5. **Sales Pipeline:** Demonstrate potential revenue opportunities and growth projections.

### The Do’s and Don’ts
While it’s crucial to have these documents in place, it’s equally important to strike the right balance. Keep the following in mind:

1. **Don’t Overdo It:** Avoid creating an elaborate data room too early in the process. Focus on sharing your powerpoint presentation with potential investors via email while building your data room in parallel.
2. **No Special Materials:** Avoid creating specific documents solely for VCs. Instead, showcase what you already have, giving investors valuable insights into your business.

### Connect with Volta Ventures
Looking for funding and ready to pitch to the Volta team? Reach out to them at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).

### Additional Resources
Want to learn more about successful pitching and fundraising? Check out more insights on the [Volta Ventures website](

Remember, the ultimate goal is to present your business in a compelling yet search engine-friendly manner. Get your fundraising documents in order to confidently navigate the investment landscape and secure the funding your startup needs.

You are fundraising and you want to know what you need to prepare. What fundraising documents do you need?

Prepping your pitch deck is one thing, but many investors will ask for a few additional documents in further conversations. In the sixth video in the Volta series Frank and Sander highlight a few tips on what documentation to prep when.

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In this Volta Ventures series, the two Managing Partners and the founders of some of Volta’s portfolio companies discuss critical areas of interest that need to be considered before the fundraising process is started.

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