Encounter a Visionary Venture Capitalist Driven to Empower Women in the Field of Longevity

**The Importance of Women in Longevity Investing: Promoting Health Equality**


The field of longevity biotechnology has witnessed significant growth in recent years. From a scarcity of credible research and few companies developing interventions targeting aging processes, the field has evolved into a vibrant industry. However, there remains a gender gap in the industry, despite the leadership of several successful women in longevity biotechnology. Achieving longer and healthier lives requires a renewed focus on health equality. This article explores the importance of women in longevity investing, the industries that make up the longevity space, and the need for diversity in the field.

**The Longevity Industry and Its Components**

The longevity industry encompasses various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, biotech, research, mental health, diagnostics, and infrastructure. Women’s health areas like gynaecology and menopause are also essential components of the industry. The goal of the longevity industry is to promote longer and healthier lives by addressing the fundamental aging processes. To build a balanced longevity industry, external support from profitable companies like Pfizer and visionary startups with diverse leadership is crucial. Venture capital firms and angel investors play a significant role in shaping the direction of the industry.

**Promoting Health Equality in Longevity**

Achieving health equality is a fundamental aspect of the longevity industry. Many women-specific health issues, such as endometriosis and dementia, are often overlooked or inadequately addressed in modern healthcare. Diseases like endometriosis can take years to diagnose, while women with dementia receive less regular health monitoring than their male counterparts. The longevity industry must set strong precedents for health equality, ensuring diverse representation and addressing gender-specific health concerns.

**Interview with Garri Zmudze of LongeVC**

Garri Zmudze, the founding partner of LongeVC, shares his insights on the value of women in the longevity field and the future of longevity investing. He emphasizes the personal significance of longevity due to his family’s experience with age-related diseases. Garri believes in a future where effective and accessible treatments are available to extend the human lifespan. LongeVC was founded in 2016 to support founders and contribute to the longevity revolution. Garri has also been involved in founding other organizations dedicated to promoting longevity research and innovation.

**The Importance of Longevity Investing and Women’s Health**

Longevity investing plays a critical role in advancing the field and making longer and healthier lives possible. Investors have recognized the need to move away from pseudoscience claims about superfoods and focus on supporting visionary founders who can drive industry-wide transformation. Longevity venture capital firms lead discussions on longevity and back companies focusing on therapeutics, diagnostics and prevention, and longevity infrastructure. Women’s health must be a vital part of the longevity investing conversation to ensure comprehensive healthcare for all.

**Women-Led Companies in the Longevity Field**

Several women-led companies are making significant contributions to the longevity field. AOA Dx, led by CEO Oriana Papin-Zoghbi, is developing a liquid biopsy test for early ovarian cancer detection. Longenesis, headed by COO Agnese Veckalne, provides SaaS solutions for clinical trial patient engagement and data sharing. Freedom Biosciences, led by Dina Burkitbayeva, focuses on next-generation mental health treatment accessibility. Turn Biotechnologies, led by Anja Krammer, pioneers mRNA medicines for anti-aging. Marble Therapeutics, led by Denitsa Milanova, applies advanced data analytics to rejuvenate the skin. Melio offers improved pathogen detection and diagnosis under the leadership of its team.


The longevity industry has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, accompanied by a gender imbalance. Achieving longer and healthier lives requires a focus on health equality and representation. Women play a crucial role in the longevity field, both as leaders of successful companies and as advocates for health equality. Venture capital firms and angel investors have a responsibility to support diverse teams and identify promising companies in the longevity space. By promoting diversity and addressing gender-specific health concerns, the longevity industry can create a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

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