El Parlamento Europeo divulga la utilidad de los Next Generation

**Title: Europe Invests in My Region – Unlocking the Power of Next Generation Funds**


Welcome to our channel! In collaboration with the European Parliament Office in Spain, the European Commission, and the Chamber of Commerce, we proudly present a thought-provoking seminar titled ‘Europe Invests in My Region’. This dynamic initiative aims to introduce the world of business and society at large to the transformative potential of Next Generation Funds as a mechanism to overcome the economic crisis and foster a shift towards a more sustainable and productive model.

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**Key topics covered include:**
– The European Parliament’s role in promoting economic recovery
– The significance of European funds in revitalizing local economies
– Insights from esteemed speakers such as Patricia Franco, Milagros Tolón, and Cristina Maestre
– Exploring the possibilities for a competitive economy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions
– Building sustainable and harmonized development

Join us as we dive deep into understanding how Europe’s different approach to economic crisis has led to expansive policies, contrasted with austerity measures in the past. Discover the transformative power of these funds and their essential contribution to informed decision-making, training, and public awareness.

As the Mayor of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, I strongly believe that these seminars serve as a crucial tool not only for information and education but also for a comprehensive strategy to modernize our cities. Castilla la Mancha has a historic opportunity to position itself at the forefront of Europe and Spain’s recovery. Together, with the collaboration of all administrative bodies, let’s make 2023 a year of momentum and generation.

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La Oficina del Parlamento Europeo en España, junto con la Comisión Europea y la Cámara de Comercio, han organizado este viernes en Toledo el seminario ‘Europa invierte en mi región’, una iniciativa diseñada con el objetivo de dar a conocer entre el mundo empresarial y la sociedad en general los fondos Next Generation y su utilidad como mecanismo para salir de la crisis económica y promover un cambio de modelo productivo.

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