EarlyBirds’ open innovation ecosystem: A catalyst for innovation among business leaders

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Join us for this edition of Executive Corner as we interview Chris Poria, co-founder and CEO of Early Birds. Early Birds is an ecosystem connecting organizations, innovators, early adopters, and subject matter experts to accelerate innovation and solve business and technical challenges.

### **In this interview, we discuss:**
– The benefits for early adopter organizations that choose Early Birds as their innovation partner.
– An overview of the unique programs offered by Early Birds: Explorer and Challenger.
– How innovation maps help in understanding industry capabilities and identifying opportunities and challenges.
– The growth strategy behind millions of innovators on the Early Birds platform.
– The importance of keeping Early Birds diverse to cater to different expertise and industries.

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World News with in-depth analysis – trusted & transparent! Kalkine Media is on a mission to empower its viewers with quality news coverage from across the globe. Tune into Kalkine Media’s LIVE market news coverage, exclusive corporate interviews, expert talks, and trending stories of the day.

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