Does the Speaker of the House Enable the Tory Party?

**Title: Parliament Speaker’s Silence on Water Company Bonuses and Raw Sewage | PMQs Unpacked**

**Description (optimized for SEO):** In this eye-opening video, Maximilien Robespierre dives into a troubling incident during Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs). The Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, remained unresponsive as the Leader of the Liberal Democrats struggled to ask a critical question about bonuses being given to water company executives responsible for pumping raw sewage into English waterways and beaches. Watch this video to understand why the Speaker’s lack of intervention raises important questions.

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The Speaker of the House of Commons Sir Lindsay Hoyle sat idly by as the Leader of the Liberal Democrats struggled to ask his question on bonuses being given to the heads of water companies the some ones that are pumping raw sewage into English waterways and onto beaches. Why did the Speaker not intervene?

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  1. Have x look st bbc Scotland debate night Whittle, a Tory MSP in Scotland ( list vote like most up of em up here) when asked about Tory party failure nationwide …more or less said he's not responsible for uk Tory activities 😂…knly Scotland's…thars the best one ive heard yet from the cons

  2. The tories do this because they are the enemies of Britain who do everything they can to harm the nation and its people while stealing the nations welath for their personal gains. They are so brazen about it they even broadcast it because they can and people actually defend them.

  3. How is it possible for The Speaker of the House, to remain impartial, when the Post is chosen by the ruling Party ? To me that would be impossible. The "Woolsack" should be occupied by a GURANTEED IMPARTIAL senior Civil Servant, who is NOT affiliated to ANY Political Party, and who is strong enough to stand up to any pressure on them by or from the "TOSSERS" before them.

  4. Every single week without fail he should send the loud mouths out for that cup of tea he keeps bringing up & have opposition MP's ask their questions again!

    Keep a record of who's doing it, 3 strikes & they're docked pay. This is their job, if they're incapable of doing it? They shouldn't be paid, end of.

  5. I happened to be at that session of PMQ’s (first and last time I’ll be going), embarrassingly this was nowhere near the loudest they were in the session. I managed to hear the question and I was sitting directly above the PM. In his defence the speaker did pick up the PM on not actually answering any questions but it was all bark and no bite.

  6. Hoyle has been spectacularly useless from day one.

    It's surprising he found the energy to give Badenoch a bollocking last week, but even that had no teeth.

    PMQs needs to be done on a system like Teams with everyone on mute until the Speaker unmutes them. All the noise and harrumphing would be gone and politicians would have to do something that resembled doing their jobs.

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