Digital Facility Management: Enhancing Communications through IoT

# IoT Communications’ Digital Facility Management Solution

Welcome to IoT Communications’ Digital Facility Management (DFM) solution! Our goal is to make asset and facility management easy and affordable for everyone. With our innovative system, you can remotely monitor and control various operational conditions in your facility, such as water supply, power supply, cleaning, security, parking, transport, HVAC, and gas supply.

To get started, all you need to do is purchase or rent some smart IoT sensors and actuators. Install them strategically throughout your facilities and subscribe to our affordable network and software service. Once you’re subscribed, you’ll gain access to our user-friendly dashboard software application.

Our centralized dashboard platform provides you with a high-level overview of all regions with IoT-enabled facilities. You can easily view key performance indicators, locations of your facilities on a map, and alarms generated by any region. This gives you valuable insights into the overall status of your facilities.

For a more detailed analysis of a specific region, simply select it from the list on the region page. Here, you can view region-specific KPIs, a map showing facility locations, and alarms generated by individual facilities. If you want to dig even deeper, you can select a particular facility, component, or process on the process page.

On the process page, you’ll find an overview of all IoT sensors and actuators installed for managing that specific process. By selecting a sensor or actuator from the list, you can gain more insights and make informed decisions. Additionally, historical trends of sensor parameters are displayed, and you have the capability to remotely control the system if necessary.

Our DFM solution also comes with the convenience of generating reports, which can be downloaded in Excel format. You can also send control signals right from the dashboard. We understand the importance of timely alerts, so our system is configured to send email and SMS alerts when threshold violations occur, such as leakage or intrusion detection.

There are many benefits to our Digital Facility Management solution. Firstly, it’s easy to install and maintain, as most of our devices are wireless and battery-powered. Secondly, it provides better visibility of facility operational conditions, eliminating inefficiencies associated with manual monitoring. Thirdly, it ensures the quality of the built environment and adherence to regulations. Fourthly, it paves the way for a smooth transition into the fourth industrial revolution. Lastly, it’s a relatively affordable solution, making it accessible to facilities of all sizes.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of digital facility management! Contact IoT Communications today and start managing your assets with ease. Stay connected to your valuables with IoT Communications.

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IoT Communications’ Digital Facility Management (DFM) solution.

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