Chapter 1 of Principles of Pricing by Notion Capital: Embark on the Pricing Journey

# Build Winning Pricing and Monetisation Strategies | Principles of Pricing by Notional Capital

Learn how to master the core principles and strategies for effective pricing and monetisation in this comprehensive video. Whether you’re a founder, product leader, or part of a go-to-market team, this video is packed with valuable insights to help you succeed.

In this video, we cover key topics and provide a structured approach to pricing optimization. From customer segmentation to product packaging, we guide you through the steps necessary to achieve a successful pricing strategy. Here’s what you’ll learn:

1. **Segmenting customers based on needs and willingness-to-pay** – Understand your customers’ preferences and tailor your pricing strategy to meet their demands.

2. **Configuring your product packaging for differentiation** – Position your product in the market by effectively packaging it to cater to different customer segments.

3. **Positioning and messaging your product** – Create compelling value propositions that resonate with your target audience and drive conversions.

4. **Selecting the right price metric and model** – Determine the most suitable pricing structure to capture the value you provide to customers.

5. **Setting optimal prices based on customer willingness-to-pay** – Find the sweet spot between profitability and customer satisfaction by pricing your product appropriately.

6. **Controlling outcomes and empowering your sales team** – Arm your sales team with the tools and knowledge they need to close deals successfully.

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If you’re wondering how pricing and monetisation fit into the unique landscape of SaaS businesses, this video has the answers. The advent of the cloud has revolutionized revenue models, and we explore how pricing strategies need to evolve accordingly. From the challenges of winning and keeping customers in a subscription-based model to the importance of generating revenues efficiently, we provide insights tailored to the SaaS industry.

While profitability is a long-term goal for startups, it’s crucial to focus on efficiency and monetization during the early stages. We delve into the significance of unit economics, the path to profitability, and the role pricing plays in driving revenue. Discover how to optimize your capital deployment and leverage pricing as a tool for success.

In today’s environment, where extending runway and controlling costs are paramount, effective pricing and monetization strategies are more crucial than ever. By efficiently transforming your investments into revenue, you can ensure the long-term success of your business.

Join us in this educational video and unlock the potential of pricing and monetization for your business. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to build winning pricing strategies.


Build winning pricing and monetisation strategies by mastering the core principles. Learn how to:
– segment customers based on needs and willingness-to-pay
– configure your product packaging to best meet customer needs and differentiate price
– position and message your product to create compelling propositions
– select the right price metric and model to capture the value you create
– set the right prices depending on what your customers are willing to pay
– control the outcome and arm Sales to win

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