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**Title: Building Success: A Conversation with Addison Formentini, Director General of Tramontina de México**

Welcome to our channel! In this episode of Vivalium Valores Procesos y Negocios, we have a special guest – Addison Formentini. With over 30 years of experience, Addison is the Director General of Tramontina de México, a company known for its dedication to excellence and its commitment to its employees.

Tramontina is a globally recognized company with a rich history that spans over 110 years. It specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of more than 22,000 products, ranging from kitchen utensils to agricultural tools and furniture. With a presence in 16 countries and over 11,000 employees, Tramontina continues to expand its reach.

In this interview, Addison shares insights about his career journey, how he came to Mexico, and the vision behind Tramontina. He highlights the company’s focus on investing in its employees, nurturing talent from within, and creating a culture of continuous learning and development.

As Director General, Addison emphasizes the importance of knowledge in a rapidly changing business landscape. He discusses his personal commitment to ongoing education, including his recent participation in specialized programs at IPADE, one of Latin America’s leading business schools.

The conversation explores the factors that have contributed to Addison’s success, with a particular emphasis on the significance of building strong teams and fostering effective communication within the organization.

Join us as we delve into the world of Tramontina and gain valuable insights from Addison Formentini’s remarkable career journey.

**Want to learn more about Tramontina and its impact? Check out these authoritative sources:**

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– [IPADE Business School](

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