Best Practices for Business Ethics Explored at the Business Ethics Summit in Rome

[![Business and Ethics, best practices at Business Ethics Summit in Rome](](

### Business and Ethics: Best Practices at the Business Ethics Summit in Rome

In this engaging video, we delve into the core aspects of business ethics and best practices as discussed at the Business Ethics Summit in Rome. We had the opportunity to interview industry experts Cristiana Falcone, Board Director of Core, Timothy Iwata, Jewelry Director at Prada, and Felix Tran, Bank of America Global Research.

Organized by [Core](, this event took place at the prestigious [Pontificia Accademia delle Scienze]( in Rome.

**Transcript Highlights:**
1. The Importance of Brand Identity in Driving Sustainability
2. Incorporating Sustainability into Every Aspect of the Value Chain
3. The Disruptive Nature of AI and its Impact on the Labor Market

For fashion and luxury brands to drive sustainability changes, it is crucial to define and authentically embody their brand identity. This will shape the implementation of sustainability throughout the entire value chain, including design, sourcing materials, manufacturing, and retail strategies. Sustainability should not be limited to communication but should cover the entire value chain.

The conversation also explores the disruptive nature of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on the labor market. While there is potential for a 15.7 trillion dollar addition to GDP by 2030, it is also recognized that the labor market may face challenges with job automation. However, AI also has the potential to create new job opportunities, as seen in previous technological advancements such as ATMs and spreadsheet software.

Watch this insightful video to gain valuable insights into business ethics, sustainability practices, and the future of AI. Don’t miss out on this thought-provoking discussion at the Business Ethics Summit in Rome!

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Business and Ethics, best practices at Business Ethics Summit in Rome

Organized by Core, at the Pontificia Accademia delle Scienze

(Roma). Intervista a Cristiana Falcone (Board Director of Core), Timothy Iwata (Jewelry Director Prada), Felix Tran (Bank of America Global Research) (Nicolo’ Morocutti/alanews)

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