Amiens 2023 Business Expo – Conference by Amiens Métropole, BPI France, and La Région Hauts-de-France

# **[VIDEO TITLE]: How BPI France is Revolutionizing Innovation with the New Fi² Initiative**

## Description:

In this video, [host/organization name] discusses the innovative collaboration between BPI France and Amiens Métropole through the new Fi² initiative. Fi², which stands for Fond d’Initiative d’Innovation, is a groundbreaking program designed to support companies in their research and development efforts, as well as promote digital innovation and renewable energies in the Hauts-de-France region.

[Host/organization name] and Angel, representative of BPI France, share their expertise on how this initiative is empowering businesses to drive innovation and create groundbreaking products. They also highlight the importance of public support in funding and guiding these innovation-driven projects.

Throughout the video, they touch on various sectors of innovation, such as healthcare, digital technology, and energy, emphasizing the diverse range of opportunities available through the Fi² program. They also mention successful examples of companies that have benefited from this collaboration, such as Valeo and Fèves.

By watching this video, you’ll gain valuable insights into the Fi² initiative, its impact on innovation in Amiens Métropole, and the various funding options available for companies looking to develop their innovative ideas.

For more information about the Fi² initiative and BPI France’s role in driving innovation, visit [BPI France’s official website](authoritylink1) and [Amiens Métropole’s website](authoritylink2).

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1. [BPI France](authoritylink1)
2. [Amiens Métropole](authoritylink2)

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