Alon Girmonsky’s Expertise on Finding a Way Out: Insights from the Angular Insights Series

**Short Webinar on the BlazeMeter Story and Navigating to an Exit**

Welcome to Angular Insights! In this short webinar, we have the privilege of hearing from Alon Girmonsky, CEO & Co-Founder of UP9 and Former CEO & Founder of BlazeMeter. Alon will be discussing the fascinating journey of BlazeMeter and how they successfully navigated to an exit.

BlazeMeter, a cloud-based testing platform founded in 2011, was at the forefront of the emerging trends in cloud-based and cloud-native technologies, such as SAS and open source. Alon patiently explained these concepts to venture capitalists, even though they may not have fully understood the potential at the time. Ultimately, BlazeMeter secured funding from YL Ventures and was later acquired by CA, although the specific financial details remain undisclosed.

Join us as Alon shares his insights and experiences on the exit process, a topic that is rarely discussed but relevant for both early-stage founders and VCs. For many, it is their first time navigating negotiations and strategizing towards an exit. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from someone who has been there.

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**Host:** Hi everyone, welcome to Angular Insights. We are very fortunate to have Alon Girmonsky with us today, talking about the BlazeMeter story and navigating to an exit. This is something that all founders dream about and think about. Alon, thank you for joining us.

**Alon:** My pleasure, thanks for inviting me.

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Short webinar on the Blazemeter story and navigating to an exit, led by Alon Girmonsky, CEO & Co-Founder of UP9, Former CEO & Founder of BlazeMeter.

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