3 Reasons Why Dry Eyes Lead to Blurred Vision – Plus, 3 Home Remedies

**Dry Eyes: The Main Cause of Blurry Vision (3 Reasons Why)**

Do you experience blurry vision even when you don’t feel like you have dry eyes? In this video, we explore the connection between dry eyes and blurry vision, and provide three effective home treatments to help alleviate the symptoms.

**Reason 1: Tear Film’s Role in Focusing**

The tear layer, or tear film, is crucial for the eyes’ focusing ability. When light enters the eye, it hits the tear film before reaching the cornea to be properly focused. If your tear film is insufficient or thin, it can hinder the focusing process, resulting in blurry, distorted, or hazy vision.

**Reason 2: Corneal Exposure and Hazing**

A thin tear layer can leave the cornea exposed to the air, causing it to dry out rapidly. This can lead to a condition known as corneal haze, where the cornea becomes cloudy and hazy. Corneal haze can cause blurry vision and may fluctuate throughout the day. Often, blinking or rubbing your eyes can temporarily clear the haze by adding a fresh coat of tears or removing the hazy part of the cornea.

**Reason 3: Dry Patches and Corneal Damage**

In severe cases of dry eyes, the cornea can develop dry patches or keratitis. These dry patches can cause discomfort, foreign body sensations, and even punctate erosions, thin areas on the cornea. If left untreated, these erosions can lead to ulcers and scarring, potentially causing irreversible damage and vision loss. Trying to see through these dry patches can significantly impact vision clarity.

**Home Treatments for Dry Eyes**

There are several effective treatments you can try at home to alleviate dry eyes and reduce blurry vision:

1. **Preservative-Free Artificial Tears**: These over-the-counter drops provide immediate relief and help lubricate the eyes. Look for preservative-free options for optimal comfort and safety.
2. **Omega-3 Supplements**: Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to improve the quality of tears and reduce inflammation in the eyes. Consider incorporating omega-3 supplements into your daily routine.
3. **Good Lid Hygiene**: Proper lid hygiene can help prevent tear evaporation and maintain a healthy tear film. Use gentle eyelid cleansers or warm compresses to keep your eyelids clean and promote tear production.

For more information about dry eyes, including symptoms, causes, and other treatment options, be sure to check out our Dry Eye Video Series [^source1]. And if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest eye tips and information, sign up for our Newsletter [^source2].

**Resources Mentioned in the Video**

– Find a Dry Eye Doc: [DryEyeDirectory](
– Join Facebook Support Groups: [Dry Eye Support]( | [Dry Eye Care](

Remember, before trying any new treatments or remedies, it’s best to consult with a licensed physician or healthcare professional [^source3].

Don’t let dry eyes continue to affect your vision clarity. Watch the video to learn more about the connection between dry eyes and blurry vision, and discover effective home treatments to help alleviate these symptoms. Subscribe to Dr. EyeGuy’s channel for more eye care tips and information [^source4].

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Dry Eyes can be the main cause to blurry vision, even if you don’t feel like you have dry eyes. Here are 3 reasons why, and also 3 dry eye home treatments you can do to help.

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Your Tears starts the focusing of your eyes. If you have poor or a thin tear film, this can cause blurry vision right from the start. If you tears evaporate too fast, and you have a low TBUT, this can cause a foggy cornea, which can cause hazy and foggy/blury vision. If your dry eyes get bad enough, it can cause dry patches on your cornea called keratitis. Superficial punctate keratitis, punctate erosions, and even corneal erosion can form on the cornea, making it tricky to see though those dry patches.
The main dry eye treatments you can do at home include: preservative free artificial tears, omega 3 supplements, and good lid hygiene.

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  1. I don't know if it's allergies or sensitivity to wind, AC, fans, but my left eye dries out, then, I get this large globules of blurry floaters that seem to be in the INSIDE of the eye along with normal floaters, that settle right in the center, like floaters. Then they'll be periods that it all clears up. Then, it comes back, usually due to my over use of AC in my car, or a window being opened and wind hitting my eye, that's the connection I've made. I also think it's time for new glasses, which may be contributing. I just have to visit a doctor like you Dr. EyeGuy!

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